About Us

Welcome to the Aireborough Rifle and Revolver Club

We are a Home office approved gun club.

The club was established in 1945 and moved to the present (Club Owned) location in 1966.

The main rimfire range has 8 firing points, 6 of them at up to 50 metres

The main Benchrest range has 2 firing points, at 25 metres (.22 Rimfire only)

The main air range has 9 firing points (4 suitable for .22 rimfire)

The “Plinking” range has 5 firing points at up to 20 metres, for taking a shot at tin cans and knock down targets etc (air rifles and air pistols only)

Airsoft pistols and rifles are not allowed to be used on any club range

The Club is Affiliated to the National Smallbore Rifle Association

The Club is Registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club C.A.S.C