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Cautionary Note:

    These forms have been placed here for example only and may not be current.

    For the latest revisions of all documents it is suggested that you visit the WEB site of the appropriate authorities in your area.

The latest revision and the information held within that revision as published by the originating authority takes precedence over any information in these documentation pages.


Firearms Law - Guidance - December 2015


Application Overview on owning a Firearm and / or Shotgun

Application to own a Firearm and / or Shotgun

Notes on application for owning a Firearm and / or Shotgun

Application for Variation


Firearms Security Brief Guide

Firearms Security Handbook


Approval Criteria for a Rifle or Pistol Club

Application for a Club to gain Home Office Approval



Portion of Firearms Act 1968 plus amendments

Section 21 Firearms Act Explained

Section 22 and Section 23 Firearms Act - Acquisition and Possession of Fire arms by Minors

Section 24 Firearms Act - Supplying Firearms to Minors

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