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Pistol LB


The rimfire section of the Club currently supports a number of disciplines, Carbine, Prone, Benchrest and Long Barrel Pistol.



With floodlit facilities allowing shooting 20, 25 and 50 yards plus 50 metres both during the day and at night, Aireborough is one of the best ranges to be a member of. Due to the large number of members who wish to use the facilities, the range is in use seven days per week with set days for each discipline.  Shooting is done undercover but the discharge and trajectory of the bullet is outside, keeping the shooter dry whilst keeping lead dust and fumes vented.



The majority of range members use .22 ammunition for target competition but some of our target shooters have access to land in order to hunt or deliver pest control duties.  Being a member of the Club cannot be used as a reason for owning a .17 HMR rifle on your FAC, however, limited zeroing of .17 HMR is allowed at 50m into the sand butt.



Being an individual member of the N.S.R.A. with its built in personal rifle insurance is encouraged, and recommended when using your own .22 rifle on the Club range. With the higher power .17 round, evidence of personal insurance is mandatory and permission to discharge such a rifle is at the discretion of the Club on a case by case basis.

Persons arriving for the first and last details of the day will be expected to assist the range officer with set up of and closure of the range. Your removal of your spent cartridges is encouraged and you will make the Range Officer happy. Always a good thing to do.

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Last modified:  01/01/2020