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Range Officer and Range Conducting Officer

To become a full member, all members must have demonstrated a full understanding of range rules and safety. Upon approval they automatically become available for selection as range officers and must offer to cover allocated dates during the year where they must provide range officer cover for the site. If they are not able to attend on the allocated day it is their responsibility to arrange for another member to cover for them. Failure to provide cover on two or more occasions will result in a vote being taken to decide if continued club membership is desirable.

The Club believes that all Range Officers (RO), regardless of how long they have carried out this duty, would benefit from the increased knowledge of current requirements of a Range Conducting Officer (RCO).

Should you wish to become qualified please contact the NSRA T:0148 348 5555 and ask for an RCO pack to be sent to you, this will cost you 10. Once you have had time to thoroughly assimilate the details in the document & feel confident with your knowledge please contact Glynn Jones our Club Instructor who is qualified to carry out the assessment at the range at a mutually acceptable date and time. The assessment is not onerous and would only take around one hour

Once successfully completed, two certificates will be received from the NSRA, one for you to display at home and the other which will be displayed at the club

To become a range officer in the Rimfire section you need to have been completed the minimum probationary period of three months and have been voted in as full member by the executive committee   

All members but especially range officers should read the ARRC handbook, a hard copy is available on site, plus it can be downloaded here

Hours of cover - Full members are welcome to attend outside of the published standard times hours but they must provide their own equipment & Range Officer. Any member taking part in the last detail of the day will be expected to assist the range officer with the closing of the range.

Each detail will last up to 30 minutes, at which time the range officer will order that all shooting ceases. All shooters must be seen to make safe then clear all empty shells before leaving the firing point to recover targets At this time targets can be changed, additional ammunition can be purchased and the range officer will verify those persons wishing to attend the next detail

Range Safety

    Due to the increased angle available when shooting from 50 yards

  •     there will be increased vigilance for carbine shooters on the ruling that no member is allowed to close the bolt on their rifle until it is in the horizontal position & they are ready to take a shot.

  •     no new member, must be allowed to shoot unsupported from the 50 yard point without first being viewed as shooting safely (all shots being placed in the scoring part of the target) at 25 yards.

  •     Pistol users are only allowed to shoot using firing points 3 & 4 & must be supported as in the benchrest pistol competition

    Anyone found not complying with (or range officer not enforcing) these rules will be immediately removed from the firing point and reported to the committee.

Procedure for dealing with misfires

  • After the "click" hold the rifle in the horizontal position for 30 seconds whilst continuing to point the barrel at the target

  • During this time notify the range officer that you have an issue, if you are in a timed competition they will stop the clock whilst the issue is dealt with

  • Whilst continuing to point the barrel at the target, proceed to open the bolt with the left hand (right hard for left handed rifles) make sure that if the bolt opens explosively, parts of your body will not be in the way

  • Extract and inspect the cartridge for damage (this can indicate if you have an issue with the priming of the cartridge, the most likely option, the loading, or much worse your firing pin)

  • Hand the round to the range officer for disposal & continue with the detail


    Range Officer Documentation

    Range Officer checklist

    Attendance record


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