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Membership Costs

The cost of membership is determined at the club AGM each year.

The membership classes and costs in 2017 are:


Experienced adult shooters between 18 & 65 years of age who have or are eligible to apply for a Firearms Certificate 75


Adults who have little or no experience of shooting and / or are in need of training in any or all aspects of the sport 75

Outside of Yorkshire

Experienced adult shooters between 18 & 65 years of age who have or are eligible to apply for a Firearms Certificate but live outside of Yorkshire 40


Persons under 18 (minimum 12) who have little or no experience of shooting and / or are in need of training in any or all aspects of the sport 35

Full Junior

Experienced shooters under the age of 18 (minimum 12) 35


Experienced adult shooters over the age of 65 40


Previous Full Members, over 65 providing valuable services to the Club and elected by the Executive Committee may receive this grade no charge


Non-shooting persons who render valuable service to the club and elected by the Executive Committee may receive this grade no charge

New applications

Rates for new members receive a 50% discount as of the first of July each year, this discount is increased to 75% on October 1st. 

These discounts are not available to renewing members.

Becoming a member

People who are thinking about joining are welcomed to the club by appointment only, you should first determine the the section of the club you are most interested in, then contact the manager of that section and the membership secretary in order to arrange an appointment for a site visit. During this visit you will be shown around the facilities and introduced to the members, after this you can decide if you wish to continue with your application.

Air:    Carbine:    Prone:   Benchrest:  Membership

Prior to your visit please download and complete the combined section 21 & membership application form which can be found under the documentation heading. In order for your application to be reviewed by the committee All sections must be completed fully in BLOCK CAPITALS, please place this in a sealed envelope with your payment & a passport style photograph (copies & prints will not be accepted) in the membership post box which is bolted to the wall in the rimfire range.


  • ID cards must be on display when purchasing ammunition or using club rifles, they must also be produced upon request by any club member, failure to do so will result in being escorted from site. Repeated failure to produce will result in a review to determine if continued membership is desirable.
  • The membership year is January 1st to December 31st, the cost of the following years membership is agreed at the AGM each year, unless previously agreed by the full committee. Any member that has not paid in full by March 1st will have their membership terminated automatically.
  • Re-joining at a later date requires a fully completed application, together with a current photograph, a letter explaining the reasons why renewal was not completed in the required period and full payment (no discount is available to ex members). The application will then be reviewed by the full committee, approval will depend on your attitude towards firearms and safety, the frequency of your attendance at the club, the frequency of your participation in competitions and work days plus a satisfactory  explanation as to why renewal was not completed in the required period. If your membership is accepted you will be required to complete a 6 month probationary period before being accepted for full membership. Please note that if you are not currently a club member access to the site without permission from and being escorted at all times by a committee member or range officer is strictly prohibited.
  • Members who have family members under the age of 18, who also wish to join the club, are able to do so as long as they are of a physical size to enable them to shoot safely and are supervised at ALL TIMES by a responsible person over the age of 21. Persons completing supervisory duties are not allowed to shoot or participate in other activities whilst delivering the supervisory duty. We have a club ruling that use of the small bore range is restricted to persons over the age of 14. 
  • To become a full member of the rimfire sections, all members must have demonstrated a full understanding of range rules and safety. Upon approval they automatically become available for selection as range officers and will be allocated dates during the year where they must provide range officer cover for the site. If they are not able to attend on the allocated day it is their responsibility to arrange for another full member to cover for them. Failure to provide cover on two or more occasions will result in a vote being taken to decide if continued club membership is desirable.
  • Members Email Address To save postage costs it is in your own and the ARRC interest to give your up-to-date email address. This will be the usual mode of contact unless agreed on a case by case basis.





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