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Rimfire Range
Air Range
Car Park
Combined Range

As detailed below, the club facilities are subject to a continuing programme of improvement both to the facilities available and the accessibility of these facilities by our disabled members.

A 25 yard firing point was created for use by Carbine & Benchrest users in 2008.

The previous Rimfire range was created for use by Prone members only, this was demolished and replaced in 2008 / 2009, the replacement provides facilities for 20 - 50 yard Prone, Bechrest, Carbine and Pistol. All access routes have been widened to enable wheelchair access.

Wheelchair users had previously had issues with the club car park due to the uneven mainly mud surface, a new surface was laid in early 2011 to resolve the issue

The air competition range was previously only accessible by able bodied members, this was demolished during 2011 and replaced by a new range that can be used by both Air and Rimfire members for use in Carbine, Pistol and Benchrest competitions. 


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