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Our airgun section was established in 2000 and has gone from strength to strength. In this short timescale it has already produced both Yorkshire County Team and Individual Champions

Starting with only 4 lanes, in 2003 we have continually expanded and improved the range facilities, the latest edition both increases the available facilities plus enables disabled access 

We shoot in Leeds and District as well as Yorkshire postal competitions and hold our own shoulder to shoulder shoots against other local clubs. Other competitions run for members include benchrest, pistol and field target

With floodlit facilities allowing shooting at 10 to 25 yards both during the day and at night Aireborough is one of the best training grounds in the country.

Due to the large number of members who wish to use the facilities, the ranges can be in use seven days per week but new members are welcomed on Wednesdays.

Due to being reserved by the Leeds University firearms club on a Thursday evening it is closed to Aireborough members.

****Important note: Until further notice****

****The Air side (Air Gun and Air Rifle) is now closed to new membership applications****

New offence keeps airguns under lock and key

A new offence to stop under 18s gaining unauthorized access to airguns was introduced by the government on 10th February 2011.

From 10 February, owners will be liable for a fine of up to 1000 if they do not take reasonable precautions to stop unauthorized access to their airgun by people under the age of 18. Safety leaflets informing new owners of the offence will be also be included with every air gun purchased.

Home Office statement

The Home Office issued statement: 'For the vast majority of responsible airgun owners, keeping their weapon safely locked up is routine. But when an air gun is allowed to get in to the wrong hands the consequences can be tragic.

'Although serious incidents are rare, there have been cases in recent years where children have got hold of carelessly stored airguns that have resulted in severe injuries and even deaths. We want to do everything in our power to keep the risk of such incidents to an absolute minimum.

'With this new legislation, we are saying there is no excuse. If you do not keep your airgun safely away from children you will be prosecuted.'

How to keep your weapon safe:

  • store your airgun out of sight and separately from pellets
  • use a robust, lockable cupboard and keep the keys separate and secure
  • always store your airgun inside a house rather than in an out building, such as a garden shed
  • never store a cocked or loaded airgun
  • when using your airgun, keep it under close supervision and never leave it unattended

remember, never leave a person under the age of 18 alone near your airgun, failure to comply could result in your club membership being terminated without recompense.

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